Let me tell you the story behind what has turned out to be the most popular design across our product range so far. Our design range consists of a balanced selection of colours across 3 collections; Bold Colour Abstracts, Soulful Landscapes and Wild Birds. Each of these designs tell an individual story, but the design that seems to be catching eyes the most is none other than 'Budgerigar', a pastel-esque blend of abstract blues, greys and pinks with a detailed image of a blue Budgerigar perched left of centre.

My eldest daughter, now a teenager, is completely besotted with birds. She knows their names and their calls. To date she has identified no less than 87 different species in her own backyard!

At the end of 2009, we bought her a little blue, six week old female Budgerigar for her very first pet bird. She fell in love with her instantly and named her 'Jewel'. It was pure coincidence that 'Rio', one of her favourite movies was released just over a year later featuring none other than a blue bird, also named 'Jewel'.

When our 'Jewel' was only a couple of years old, not knowing how long she would live, I decided to immortalise her by painting her on a large canvas as a gift for my daughter so she could always have a beautiful memory of her pet. Combining abstract and realism was a challenge I had been wanting to take on for some time and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so.

Eight years on believe it or not, 'Jewel' is still with us - albeit with a lot less feathers. The painting not only still holds a treasured place on my daughters wall, it has also journeyed into quite a number of homes in the form of Cushions, Weekender Bags, Accessory Pouches, Tea Towels, Phone Cases, Prints, Journals and Greeting Cards since being released as part of my design range.

So here's to our sweet 'Jewel'. May her memory live on and bring joy to you all for many years to come!

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