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  • Art Station

    People ask me what I do for work and I have to say,  I do have a wonderful job. Part of my daily work is to run a very busy little art school from my studio. I teach both adults and kids of all ages to paint.

    I love to see students walk in with a big, blank canvas and then an hour or two later, they leave my studio with a colourful masterpiece. I also run ladies cheese and wine evening classes...

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  • It's All About Soul

    Today I started a new journal and new thoughts. I got up early and took to the national park bush area near our house to sit and reflect, meditate and read, as well as journal new thoughts. It's a New Years resolution and a forgotten practice for me; something I used to do years ago and I'm gett... View Post
  • Let me tell you the story behind what has turned out to be the most popular design across our product range so far. Our design range consists of a balanced selection of colours across 3 collections; Bold Colour Abstracts, Soulful Landscapes and Wild Birds. Each of these designs tell an individual story, but the design that seems to be catching eyes the most is...

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